My wife hates spiders.  I know a ton of people that hate spiders.  I also know some people who find them fascinating.  The thing about spiders is that people are passionately on the side of ‘I hate spiders’ or they are okay with them.  There really isn’t any other side.

Article By: Neil O’Donnell

For the next couple months at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington they are running a ‘Spiders Alive’ exhibit where you can go and see all kinds of spiders, from the big hairy Tarantulas to small colourful ones.  Even though my wife hates spiders I’m okay with them.  They don’t bother me and I even find them a little fascinating.  Hey!  They eat small more annoying insects like mosquitos and flies so they can’t be all that bad right? See I could easily go to this however my wife wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near this exhibit.  

So if there are going to be so many people who won’t go anywhere near a spider exhibit why would the RBG do this show?  Surely there must be something that would be more appealing to people right?

Apple and Steve Jobs were the spiders of the PC world. 

When Apple first launched the MAC and then followed up with the iPod, etc. they definitely alienated a lot of people.  Hell, I have friends who to this day won’t have anything to do with a MAC or any Apple product.

The MAC was created for artistic designer folks.  Not the business world.  Microsoft and the PC where the dominant gods of the world at that time.  Jobs wasn’t trying to appeal to the masses.  He knew a lot of people would crap all over his product.  The MAC wouldn’t be the leader for spreadsheets or word processing, etc.  He didn’t care.  Jobs wasn’t worried about those who couldn’t appreciate what he was building.  Repeat:  he didn’t care.  Just like my wife who won’t go near that spider exhibit, Jobs knew there would be a ton of people who wouldn’t go near anything Apple.  

It’s like that old saying “if you try to please everyone you end up pleasing no one.”  What every business needs to find is a group of people who believe what they believe.  Who appreciate the same things.  Look at the people who have an iPhone.  They usually are all in on Apple – they own every single Apple product imaginable.  That’s because they understand what Steve Jobs was building – a simpler better way to interact with technology.  It didn’t have to be only for the ‘geeks’ anymore.  Now anyone can use it.  Simple. Easy to use.

Just like Steve Jobs didn’t convert every PC person to a MAC, we don’t get every listing we go after.  We know that not everyone will understand the Value-Driven approach or be able to grasp what it takes to make $30k more in profit.  We know that and we’re okay with that.  We are not out to be everything to everyone.  We know that some people will be dazzled by the promises of the skinny suit-wearing ‘sales’ guy.  Some people will fall for the ‘guarantee’ or whatever the gimmick of the day is.  Maybe some people are won over by paid ‘celebrity’ endorsements.  Who knows.

What we do know is that our clients are the ones who are smarter than that.  They are the ones that understand that we are not flashy or gimmicky.  Our documented Value-Driven Approach is just simply able to get you more money for your home.  They understand what ‘Hello I’m a PC’ and ‘Hi, I’m a MAC’ really means.

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