Three Pillars Realty teams with Project Trauma Support to help raise money and bring awareness to PTSD.

Article By: Neil O’Donnell

Three Pillars Realty, through their First Responders only program, donated $2,158.25 to Project Trauma Support to support their PTSD programs designed for First Responders and Military personnel in the Niagara and Hamilton area.  

First Responders and Military personnel are a special group.

These are brave, intelligent, well intentioned and well-trained individuals. They go into service fully understanding their commitment and knowing that extraordinary situations will become ordinary in their work. But even the bravest heroes can develop PTSD, because heroes are human.

In Canada, PTSD is increasingly recognized as a workplace Hazard. In April 2016, Ontario followed the lead of Manitoba and Alberta and passed legislation that creates a presumption that PTSD diagnosed in first responders is work related leading to faster access to resources and treatment. The average person may experience an average of one traumatic incident in their lifetime. The average first responder will encounter 600 such incidents within their working life.  

Three Pillars recognizes that our First Responders put themselves and their health on the line every day to protect us and so we created the First Responders Only program to help support them.  This program is designed to not only bring awareness to PTSD but also to raise money to help support our First responders. Any real estate deal we do for a First Responder or Military personnel or their families, friends we will donate a portion of the commission to a PTSD charity of their choice like Project Trauma Support.   Nicole Vickers, who works as a 911 Dispatcher, wanted to participate in the program and as a result of selling her home and helping her buy another we were able to donate $2,158.25 on Nicole’s behalf.

Michael Fleming, former Hamilton Police officer, had this to say about Project Trauma and how its impacted him. “After attending the PTS cohort I was left with not only helpful knowledge, but with a multitude of peers. All which has provided me with continued support dealing with my PTSD”  Neil O’Donnell, with Three Pillars Realty said “when we met Mike he told us that before Project Trauma Support he had tried numerous other PTSD treatments but nothing helped him move forward like this organization.  That just confirmed for us that we are helping a great organization.”  

Dr. Manuela Joannou, Medical Director for Project Trauma Support team, said they are “very grateful to Three Pillars Realty for recognizing the important contributions made by our military members, veterans and first responders. We can sleep comfortably in our homes because of the willingness of these brave service men and women to put themselves in harm’s way for the benefit of society. Unfortunately, this willingness sometimes comes with a psychological cost and we feel that society has a duty to look after those who protect us. Project Trauma Support is a Canadian Charitable Organization that offers a novel program for first responders and military members who become psychologically injured as a result of their service. We are grateful for generous donations such as this from Three Pillars Reality because it allows us to extend help to those who reach out to us. 

All funds donated to us go directly to bringing deserving participants to our program. 

We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Nicole Vickers, Mark Garrett, Neil O’Donnell and the whole team at Three Pillars Realty for their consideration and support.”


If you are a First Responder or Military personnel or are a family member or friend and are looking to buy or sell and would like a portion of the commission to go an support great organizations like Project Trauma Support please reach out to [email protected] and we would be happy to help.

Thank you again to Manuela, and everyone at Project Trauma for all you do.  We’re proud to help you support our front lines.


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